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SYM•PAN |'simpan| is Greek for Universal Beauty

Packed full of peptides, four to be exact! Peptides that boost collagen and improve elasticity. Customers that have used Sympan Beauty ONE Mositure Cream, noticed improvement in their skin, skin appeared firmer, fine lines diminished to wrinkle depth appeared to be reduced and pore size reduction just to name a few! This bottle packs quite a powerful punch, from ultra-hydration, to skin brightening, to evening out of skin tone to pore reduction. Formulated for woman and men, safe and effective for pregnant woman too. Fragrance free formula will not irritate the most sensitive skin.



From the ALOE BASE & CONTAINING NO WATER, to the olive leaf. Every ingredient in ONE moisture cream has been carefully selected to provide the skin with specific benefits, with the overall health of the skin being the primary focus.


For all skin types!


Directions for use:  In the morning and in the evening after cleansing.

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Skin Brightner, Anti-Aging, and Moisturizer all in one


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Proudly made in the USA